That’s right ! Today we’re giving you the go-to places to get a delicious Poke bowl in sunny San Diego. For those who don’t know, Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish: usually raw fish with brown or white rice. It can be seen as a taken-apart sushi roll, but nonetheless  it is what eaters are raving about these days. Poke Bowls include salad and/or rice with your choice of raw fish. The toppings and add-ons allow for the ultimate personalized meal. The best part is.. it’s Delicious and healthier that most meals when eating out!


Located in San Diego’s Northpark neighborhood and also in Kearny Mesa, this poke place always has fresh ingredients for a well served poke. The small portion is still the size of a regular portion and the prices are better than most of the poke places in San Diego. Their sauces are, in my opinion, the best ones because they have a wide variety.



Newcomer to the San Diego community, Hello Poke makes its mark with a different variety of toppings. They have mango which adds a sweeter touch to the poke bowl, but also from fried onion toppings to corn and flavored edamame. Their locations are in Eastlake, Pacific Beach, and Carlsbad.



This bowl literally speaks for itself. This poke place has their catch of the day which can be added to any Poke Bowl. They have their own sesame sauce which is finger-licking good ! Their portions are quite generous and it is a great place to go if you live up in north county.



Being San Diego’s first Poke place, Poke Go does not disappoint when it comes to flavor. They offer you fresh poke which includes their popular raw fish salad, traditionally seasoned, with a unique twist. This is not a personalized bowl, yet still a dish to try.




Located in San Diego’s Clairemont and Little Italy neighborhoods, Pokirrito is usually the packed poke scene of the moment. Their bowls fresh and a smaller portion than the usual. If you are looking to try a poke bowl for the first time, I would recommend going here. Also, the place is usually swamped with people, but only because their Poke is undeniably delicious.


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